GRAHAM MARSHALL pizzicatoman

I was born on November 10th 1938 just in time to be around when the Second World War began (the next year). I was not aware of that dreadful beginning to several years of international violence and bloodshed, but I can remember the sights and sounds of bombing over Birmingham in the early 1940s, the Anderson shelters in our gardens, collecting shrapnel, VE day and the Japanese surrender. After which we had a street party. This left the 'horse road' - as we still called it in those days - pitted with potholes where the tarmac had melted .......... The trees, which had been planted by the roadside when our estate began to be built in 1937 had reached more or less the same height as I had by that time. They were to grow to become such a nuisance that eventually they had to be cut down. I am still here, I'm glad to say.      27.04.2018